Imagined worlds filled with green balloons, yellow long road that never ends, my belly filled with a new turtle to walk on our beautiful new life.

Fortunately you're there, old and eager, to listen and encourage me whenever I need it, what would I be without you? I need to to mourn quietly, to count my sins, my secret ...

I have so much love in a basket that would spread love everywhere,

that love is transformed between your skin that covers you from the feet to the eyelids, that wonderful art of nature :yourself.

With me .. you always you challenge me when I talk about my/your relationship, it's ours, all ours.

It is incredible to sing songs that I did not know who knew them, to discuss a movie or watch a TV series together,

as long as I resist your lips and your hands because your eye catches me all the time and since I own provocative smile.

I love in every touch, every caress want me, there's nothing freer than to belong to you.